2016 Conference


Keynote speakers

Something beyond: Student Map-Making in Māori Studies, Ocean Mercier

Adding value to what we do, Jan Stewart

Teaching and Learning Across Cultures, Shanton Chang


Wednesday, 30 November

Kotahi te kōhao o te ngira: One document to bind them all, Tania Oxenham

Maths Anxiety and Performance in the Animal Care Programme, Mervyn Protheroe & Fiona Breen

Learning through Wānanga, Abigail McClutchie & Mona O'Shea

Student negotiated assessment to build Academic Integrity, Fiona Henderson & Jackie Hammill

Diverse Learners in a Success Course: A Canadian Case Study, Sheilagh Grills

Managing Challenging Behaviours, Gerard Chow, Jenni Beckett, Jane Terrell

Colour-coding the clause, Karen Margetts

Learning Centre evolution: Embracing proactivity, partnership, and productivity for student success, Barbara Morris & Gary Sharp


Using blended learning approaches: an academic skills support team collaborates to provide flexible study skills resources, Gail Fluker

What we are building on, Hua Dai


Thursday, 1 December

Transition to Study: Multiple approaches to supporting international students in their first trimester of New Zealand tertiary study, Marie Richardson

Developing a Reflective Practice with your Peers, Lis Roche

A peer review process for Learning Advisors, Karen Margetts & Robyn McWilliams


Foundations with intent: Te Fale Pouāwhina, Matt Tarawa, Mona O'Shea & Abigail McClutchie

Chaos to contemplation:Supporting students with dyslexia, Mary Silvester & Helen Borren

Bridging the English gap: achievements, challenges and new directions of a non-award English Language Support Program (ELSP), Natalia Sanjuán Bornay

Please share our story: Students with sensory processing sensitivity call for awareness, Kaaryn Cater

Pasifika Project, Solomon Daniel & Fiona Breen

Managing the Academic Needs of Mature Students Returning to University for Postgraduate Professional Qualifications, Carole Acheson

Disabilities Special Interest Group, Glenis Wong-Toi & Jackie Ede

Supporting resilience through curriculum content in the first year of university, Susi Woolf

Thinking 'critically' about critical thinking, Kathryn Owler

Build & Rebuild: The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Student Experience, Susan Ridley


Friday, 2 December

Common Student Problems with Assessment during the Transition to University: Issues & Implications for Learning Advisors, Valerie Sotardi & Erik Brogt

Improving student learning: mathematics self-efficacy and deep approaches to learning, Priscilla Murphy

The Integrity Games: a participatory approach to Academic Integrity, Dean Ballinger

Building academic literacies in Web 2.0 spaces, Mark Bassett & Amanda Lees

Supporting thesis students’ writing: feedback on feedback, Deborah Laurs

Upskilling Student Numeracy, Michael Russo [Michael has made the following documents available for modification and use at other institutions and welcomes any queries. Please acknowledge Michael Russo, Academic Skills Numeracy Adviser, and Mrs Coral Bayley, Lecturer in Nursing, Australian Catholic University as the source]


Improving Oral Communication Using a team judging activity to build transferable skills, Jessica Ritchie

Effective Learning in New Zealand: Study skills for international students, Kevin Brennan, Rowan Jeffrey, & Leonard Yeo



Organizing committee:

• Caitriona Cameron (Lincoln University)

• Lis Roche (Ara Institute of Canterbury)

• Julie Wuthnow (University of Canterbury)

• Emma Royal (Ara Institute of Canterbury)

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