2018: Victoria University of Wellington

The 2018 ATLAANZ Conference was held at Victoria University of Wellington's Pipitea campus in the Wellington CBD from 12-14 December 2018. 

The conference theme of Beyond 2020 – Visioning Learning Advising in the Future was about exploring and sharing effective and innovative practices in learning advising. In a variety of workshops and presentations, delegates had the opportunity to learn, share and discuss ideas with learning advisors from New Zealand and abroad. In particular, we looked at some of the key changes, challenges and opportunities in our industry at the time, including:

  • Managing demand in innovative ways, whether through technology, different delivery modes or enhanced resources
  • Responding to environmental trends, such as changes in government policy and funding, institutional changes and technological advances
  • Developing learning partnerships, with both student groups (Māori, Pasifika, postgraduate, LGBTQI+) and institutions, community groups, academics and 3rd-party providers.


     ATLAANZ 2018 Conference313


Keynote speakers

Learning Advising: forces shaping our work, and the opportunities they offer — Dr Rowena Harper, Associate Director, Curriculum Development and Support (Acting), University of South Australia  

How Government policy might influence what we do  Dr Chris Eichbaum, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, Victoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington

How technology might influence what we do  Tara Fagan, Project Director, Raranga Matihiko | Weaving Digital Futures, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa   

20/20 vision: doing better for Māori and Pacific learners — Analiese Robertson, Professional Development and Networks Manager, Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa



Wednesday 12 December

Morning sessions

Can ‘Students as Partners’ initiatives improve module evaluation and student satisfaction? Julia Braham (University of Leeds)

Using a group problem-solving activity to teach punctuation: Elizabeth Lochhead (Canterbury University)

Writing scripts for educational videos: Karen Margetts (Auckland University of Technology) 

Tech tools for enhancing learner engagement: Marie Richardson (Victoria University of Wellington) 

Well-being and resilience building for tertiary learning advisors: Lis Roche (Ara Institute of Canterbury)

Paradigms and core competencies of advising: Mona Malik (Manukau Institute of Technology)

Consultations, collaborations and contemporary challenges: Reflections on language advisory practice in HE: Vittoria Grossi and Laura Gurney (Deakin University and Waikato University)

Supporting students' success: A partnership approach: Sam Jones and Claire Wickham (Universal College of Learning)


Afternoon sessions

Pacific metaphors for the learning advisor-student relationship: Suzanne Manning (Whitireia/WelTec)

Investigating ways of incorporating indigenous pedagogies in learning and teaching in HE: Maja Gelov, Jodie Satour and Caroline Wright-Neville (Deakin University)

Developing student writing in higher education: digital third-party products in distributed learning environments: Rowena Harper and Helen Benzie (University of South Australia)

Learning development at a distance: New tools for new times? Dawn Marsh (Waikato University)

Understanding the impact of diversified ALL services on our practice: a practice architectures perspective: Rachel Barber (James Cook University)

Working as part of a fully integrated Academic & Careers Skills team (ACeS) at Lincoln University: Dean O’Connell, Jane Hall and Stacey Boniface (Lincoln University)

Reframing 21st Century Skills acquisition in a Global Citizenship Framework: Patricia Bingham (University of Auckland)

The bridesmaid or the bride: Illuminating the impact of student support services on a range of  student outcomes: Angela Natali (Victoria University of Wellington)



Thursday 13 December 

Morning sessions

Shifting technology ceilings: Digital design for learning consultants: Cherie Todd-Williamson, Vanessa van der Ham and Katherine Lyons (Massey University)

Cultural capability pathways for tertiary educators: Mei Winitana and Kolose Lagavale (Ako Aotearoa) 

Exemplars of academic writing in video modes: Karen Margetts (Auckland University of Technology)

Mapping our past and our future: Towards a multidimensional understanding of learning development as Open Educational Practice (OEP): Dawn Marsh (Waikato University) and Leo Havemann (University College London)

A way with embedded skills: Martin McMorrow (Massey University)

Embedding literacies in a certificate level paper: A case study: Robyn McWilliams, Quentin Allan and Steph Clout (Auckland University of Technology)

Professionalisation of teachers: John Milne (Ako Aotearoa)

Peer observation as a tool for professional development: Kirsten Reid (Victoria University of Wellington)

Afternoon sessions

Supporting students to maintain mental wellbeing and successful learning: Rowan Jeffrey 


Friday 14 December

Moving forward: The only constant is change! Barbara Morris (Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki)

The miscellany of neurodiversity: Understanding the unique qualities of Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) and how it impacts learning: Kaaryn Cater (Whitireia/WelTec)

Understand and deliver: Part A – Meeting student needs through service delivery: Kevin Brennan and Stephen Russell (Ara Institute of Canterbury)

Understand and deliver: Part B – Meeting student needs through targeting services: Stephen Russell and Kevin Brennan (Ara Institute of Canterbury)

Contract cheating and assessment: findings from a large-scale Australian research project: Rowena Harper (University of South Australia)

Transformed, systematic, whole of institution: redefining our role – an example of practice in the Bachelor of Nursing Science at James Cook University: Rachel Barber (JCU)

Writing the discussion chapter for a qualitative thesis: Quentin Allan (Auckland University of Technology)

Bridging emergent practices: Art, writing and identity: Terrie Fraser (Deakin University)


Organizing committee:

• Ann Pocock (Victoria University of Wellington)

• Marie Richardson (Victoria University of Wellingtony)

• Fiona Breen (WelTec / Whitireia) 

• Deborah Laurs (Victoria University of Wellington) 

• Xiaodan Gao (Victoria University of Wellington) 

• Suzanne Manning (WelTec / Whitireia)  


The 2018 ATLAANZ conference had the support of: