ATLAANZ members have developed several helpful learning resources that members and other tertiary learning advisors can use. If you developed a useful resource that you'd like to share, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit teaching materials or useful links. 


Learning Resources


AUT Student Learning has a variety of learning resources available on their website which are shared under a Creative Commons licence. The Learning resources page is available here


Academic referencing

This is a web-based resource from the University of Auckland's Student Learning Centre (Jenny Marshall: creator; Emmanuel Manalo: originator). It provides international perspectives on the practice of referencing, and a really useful and easy-to-use tool in Quick©ite. Currently APA and MLA are supported. 

The resource can be accessed by going to:


Numeracy resources 


This is a series of 300+ video podcasts, covering from basic algebra to advanced calculus. It can be accessed via the Student Learning webpage on Numeracy & Math, or in the AUT Student Learning YouTube channel


Academic word of the day

from the Student Learning Centre Massey University, Albany.

The resource can be accessed by going to:



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