Regional Hui


This year's regional hui were held in June and July at three locations around New Zealand. Read below for more information about what was discussed. 


Northern Hui – Friday 22 June at AUT City Campus, Auckland

Theme - Identity for impact

Highlights of the day included the following engaging sessions:

  • Leadership in learning & teaching for Māori & Pacific student success (Abigail McClutchie) - Presentation available here
  • Formative learning potential of summative assessments & MCQs (Angela Tsai) - Presentation available here
  • Certificate of Sport & Rec collaboration (Steph Clout (Librarian), Robyn McWilliams)
  • Web resources & screencasts that “show us don’t tell us” (Mark Bassett & Lucy MacNaught)
  • Free software to support digital pedagogies (I’u Tuagalu)
  • Is (the best) learning done in a one-to-one? (Julie Trafford, Dawn Marsh & others)
  • Influencing teaching practice and learner behaviour without being 'the' teacher (Angela Tsai) - Presentation available here


Central Hui – Monday 2 July at Te Auaha NZ Institute of Creativity, Wellington

Theme – Creativity and Innovation in the Learning Advisers’ Practice

This regional hui was a chance for all learning advisers to:

  • Meet, interact and create valuable networks with Learning advisers and those from related fields  from the Wellington area
  • Share innovative practices and/or get feedback on the next great idea
  • Discuss issues and ideas and even create cross institutional collaboration
  • Get an insiders look around the new campus at Te Auaha – interesting and creative spaces for learning. 

Southern Hui  Tuesday 26 June at  Ara Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch

Theme - Adaptable Practice to Empower Learners

Key topic areas: each with short 10-15 minute presentations (2-3 presenters from different institutions) followed by discussion time. Some ideas for key topic areas suggested by members were:

  • Development of online resources and support
  • Māori and/or Pasifika initiatives
  • Students with high needs/mental health issues (both student and staff support)