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ChatLAANZ is a professional development and community building opportunity based on a model demonstrated by Australia and New Zealand Student Services Association Inc (ANZSSA). They are Zoom (or Teams) meetings of about 40-50 minutes each, scheduled at lunchtime, that provide examples of what colleagues at various institutions are doing in certain areas of interest. If you would like to attend, please fill out the form below and it will send you the relevant link/s. You can continue discussing the ideas afterwards using the chat or blog space on this page.

In 2023, we have lunchtime sessions from 12:10 – 1:00 pm on the following dates:

26 May | 30 June |28 July | 25 August | 29 September | 27 October

When possible, the slides and recordings of the sessions will be made available. Scroll to see the block called “Past ChatLAANZ sessions”

25 August
Theme: Mentoring / Tuakana -Teina: Recipes for Meaningful Connection
Facilitators: Tania Oxenham, (Wintec) | Ruth Thomas, (Toi Ohomai)
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29 September
Theme: Sharing favourite resources on Padlet
Facilitators: Maryam Mariya & Katherine Gilliver-Brown (University of Waikato)

27 October
Theme: Research – Getting started
Facilitators: Mark Bassett, (AUT) | Kaaryn Cater, (Weltec Whitireia) | Tania Oxenham, (Wintec) [Kaupapa Māori methodologies] |
I’u Tuagalu, (AUT) [Pacific methodologies]

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  1. Kristen Bracey

    Kia ora. Learning Advisors at Otago Polytechnic Te Pukenga are interested in chatting to others about ChatGPT and how it is being used at your organisation.

  2. Kaaryn Cater

    Thank you Gary and Hannah on your fascinating session about dyscalculia. Your research is outstanding, and so overdue. Thank you for sharing, teaching and inspiring.

  3. Katherine Brown

    Katherine here, (University of Waikato)
    Great Chatlaanz session (for August) presented by Maryam Mariya and Andrea Haines, looking at using Padlet as a point of contact for participants at online virtual writing retreats. In the absence of face-to-face writing retreats, Padlet was used as a virtual space for students and staff to share their tips and favourite tools, replicating the collegiality which is such an integral part of the “shut up and write” writing retreats at the University of Waikato.
    Check out the video of the session by clicking on the 2022 Chatlaanz recordings button above.

  4. Rosemary O'Donoghue

    Following on from the last two ChatLAANZ sessions, the Learning Advisors at UCOL would be interested to know what other institutions are doing in terms of workshop presentations. Do other institutions deliver in-class workshops or do they have online only modules? How do other institutions decide what workshops/modules to present? Are faculty involved at any level? Are these workshops compulsory or voluntary? Do the workshop have any grades associated with them?

    • Katherine

      Katherine Gilliver-Brown (University of Waikato)
      With regard to workshops here at UOW, we’ve been offering them face-to-face and in Zoom. The same content is offered in two separate sessions. (We don’t attempt to teach workshops face-to-face and on Zoom at the same time). Let me know, if you would like to know more about how the workshops are organised and planned, and I’ll ask the team members responsible to reach out.

  5. Jessica Ritchie

    Jessica Ritchie (University of Canterbury) for the ChatLAANZ team

    A great presentation by Katherine Brown and Clementine Annabell from the University of Waikato this afternoon on their resource for engaging students emotionally in academic integrity instruction. We were able to have a play with the modules ourselves to see how they work. The presentation sparked discussion about the use of comics and stories, cultural considerations, anxiety and fear around plagiarism, and developing content for different cohorts. This is an open educational resource and you can contact the presenters if you’d like to access it.

    Here’s some of the feedback from the session:

    “Thank you Katherine. [It’s] great to see what you’ve developed at Waikato.”
    “Thank you for this session. I learnt a lot.”
    “really impressive work!”
    “creative and great idea”
    “a valuable resource”
    “Thanks so much for sharing this. Very insightful. Great Mahi…”

    Want to continue the chat? Feel free to add your comments and questions!

    • Kaaryn Cater

      Thank you, Katherine and Clementine. That was a fabulous presentation. This is a wonderfully innovative way of tackling what can often be big and confronting issues. I’m full of admiration for your creativity and attention to detail. A very useful addition to your learner support kete.

  6. James Chalmers (Torrens University Australia)

    James Chalmers (Torrens University Australia)

    Can I please clarify what timezone the ChatLAANZ sessions are in?

    Am intending to join the session on “Online writing retreats: The use of Padlets” and don’t want to turn up at the wrong time!

    • Katherine

      Hi there James, Katherine Gilliver-Brown here (for the ATLAANZ web team).
      Great to hear that you’re coming along.
      The 12:00noon sessions (NZST) equate to 10:00 am (AEST)

      • Katherine Gilliver-Brown

        … but we’re also recording the sessions, and will make them available on this page in due course.


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