Recommended resources

ATLAANZ members are always developing helpful learning resources for the benefit of themselves, their students, and others in the sector. If you developed a useful resource that you’d like to share, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

See some member institutes’ resources below:


University of Auckland
ReferenCite – this is a web-based resource from the University of Auckland’s Student Learning Centre (creator: Jenny Marshall; originator: Emmanuel Manalo). It provides international perspectives on the practice of referencing, and a really useful and easy-to-use tool in Quick©ite. Currently APA and MLA are supported.

OWLL Massey crest snip

OWLL – Online Writing and Learning link at Massey University

Comprehensive range of resources and explanations on academic learning themes for learning themes.

Academic word of the day

Massey University, Student Learning Centre at Albany. Made available with PodOmatic by Martin McMorrow


Free elearning content developed and maintained by Tertiary Learning Advisors.

University of Waikato Student Learning

University of Waikato Student Learning web pages that include academic skills development, grammar for locals, English language development for international students and maths/stats resources, and more.


A UK network providing free teaching and learning resources for staff in higher education. Contains complete interactive activities and worksheets on a range of academic learning themes.

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Waikato language for locals snip

University of Waikato “Language for Locals” grammar lessons

This contains a series of lessons on grammar errors that are more typically made by domestic students or native speakers of English. They include topics such as apostrophes, capitalisation, disruptive modifiers, sentence fragments, pronoun-antecedent agreement and understanding the difference between who and whom, and much more.
Each tabbed lesson has a video from Youtube, a written lesson, a quiz and explanations for the quiz items.

Use this form to let us know of a resource that you think would benefit other learning advisors working with tertiary students. Thank you in anticipation.